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Information Bureau: Bank to Westminster: Lionel de Rothschild's journey to parliament, 1847-1858


Lord John Manners (1818-1906)

Manners was Tory MP for Newark (1841-1847), Colchester (1850-1857), North Leicestershire (1857-1885) and East Leicestershire (1885-1888), entering the House of Lords in 1888 on succeeding his brother to become the 7th Duke of Rutland.  He was a member of Young England, Disraeli's political group within the Tory party, and the author of the famous lines from England's Trust:

Let wealth and commerce, laws and learning die
But leave us still our old Nobility.

Manners was chosen to fight Lionel at the City of London bye-election in 1849, but did not oppose him on the question of Jewish emancipation, preferring to appear as an upholder of the constitutional status quo under which the House of Lords had the right to veto legislation.  The election was conducted without rancour, with Lionel winning 6,017 votes to Manners' 2,814.

Lord John Manners features in several places in this exhibition.  He is mentioned in Disraeli's letter to Lionel, and in Louise's diary.