Disraeli Works Behind the Scenes

Letter from Benjamin Disraeli to Lionel de Rothschild. 26 December 1847. RAL 000/848.
Disraeli writes to Lionel describing some of his activities behind the scenes to try and raise support in the House of Lords for the Jewish Disabilities Bill.


My dear Lionel,

I hope by tomorrow's post to have a line giving me the result of your Sunday visit. If it prove of interest and importance, I would, were I you, call upon my friend, who, from a letter of this morning, I apprehend will still be in town, & convey it to him, as it will animate him to fresh exertions.

I find that 18 men, now Peers, voted against the Jews in the Commons 1833, & only 11 in their favor! I agree with you, therefore, that we must be cautious in publishing the lists of the divisions, & rather give a précis of them, calling attention only to what is in your favor.

Writing to Lord John Manners today, I particularly mentioned the anxiety of the Court that the bill should pass, as this will be conveyed to the Duke of Rutland who is a great Courtier.

My friend thinks that a good petition from King's Lynn would nail Jocelyn's vote for the second reading [ ] to this [ ].

Ever yours faithfully



High Wycombe

Dec. 26 1847