Bound and printed booklet entitled 'Hymn and prayer to Almighty God on the occasion of the election of Baron Lionel de Rothschild as Member of Parliament for the City of London'. nd. RAL 000/375/2.

O Lord! Who relieveth the oppressed and looseneth the bands of the Captives, let me beseech Thee to prosper the cause of religious freedom, which had been so nobly embraced by the Baron Lionel de Rothschild, whom a Mighty City has chosen as the advocate of their interests in Britain's Legislative Assembly. I implore thee that Thou mayest direct the minds and hearts of the Senators of that assembly to receive him in that Union and Love which Thou desirest between man and man. For have not we all one Father! Has not one God created us all? and why should we deal treacherously a man against his brother? O Lord, who hast endowed man with the power of speech, give him a "learned tongue" that his council may find favor in the eyes of his Colleagues, that he may advise salutary measures for the welfare of the nation, and the prosperity of his country.