Rothschilds directing the London House

Information is given here about Rothschilds who have led the London business. The Archive holds papers of the London business up to 1970; papers older than c.1945 are not currently available to researchers.

N M Rothschild

Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) [1]


N M Rothschild & Sons

Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild (1808-1879) [2]

Nathaniel Mayer, 1st Lord Rothschild (1840-1915) 

Alfred Charles de Rothschild (1842-1918)            

The Hon. Nathaniel Charles Rothschild (1877-1923)

Lionel Nathan de Rothschild (1882-1942)

Anthony Gustav de Rothschild (1887-1961) [3]

Edmund Leopold de Rothschild (1916-2009) 


N M Rothschild & Sons Limited

Edmund Leopold de Rothschild (1916-2009) [4]

Victor, 3rd Lord Rothschild (1910-1990)   

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (1931-2022) [5]   


[1] Nathan was active in England from 1798, when he first arrived in Manchester, co-ordinating activity on behalf of the family business. In 1809, he establshed N M Rothschild at New Court in the City of London.

[2] After the death of his brother Nathan in 1836, James took over the reins of the family firm. In 1838, Lionel, Nathan's son succeeded in modifying the Partnership Agreement to retain the relative autonomy of the London house. By the early 1840s, the resources of the London, Paris and Frankfurt houses were evenly matched.

[3] Rothschilds Continuation Ltd was formed as a second corporate partner of N M Rothschild & Sons in 1941 to ensure the continuity of the firm’s business during the Second World War.

[4] The senior Rothschild directing the London business was known as the Senior Partner until 1970, when the title Chairman was adopted when N M Rothschild & Sons became N M Rothschild & Sons Limited.

[5] Sir Evelyn de Rothschild stepped down as chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons in 2003. The appointment of David de Rothschild as the Rothschild Group Chairman brought together again the English and French Rothschild business houses, with the merger of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited with Paris Orléans (the holding company of the French Rothschild family for its business activities). In 2011, the firm rebranded from N M Rothschild & Sons Limited to Rothschild Group. In 2015, the firm rebranded again, to become Rothschild & Co. At the same time, the parent company, formerly known as Paris Orléans, changed its name to Rothschild & Co. to match the trading name of the business. In 2018, Rothschild & Co announced the appointment of Alexandre de Rothschild, son of David de Rothschild, as Executive Chairman of the group.

The Partners' Room New Court 1960s

The Partners' Room New Court 1960s