EABH Lunch Hour lecture, 'Populism and Financial Markets', Frankfurt am Main, 25 April 2017

25 April 2017

Frankfurt am Main

eabh in cooperation with AllianzGI

Populism and Financial Markets

This talk will initiate a series of presentations that present analysis of the different episodes of populism in recent history as well as their effect on financial markets and investment returns. Just about three months after Donald Trump took office and with elections in France looming, there could not be a more timely moment to take a long-term data-based perspective on financial markets and populism. The authors, Moritz Schularick (University of Bonn), Christoph Trebesch (Kiel Institute for the World Economy) and Manuel Funke (Freie Universität Berlin), bring a brand-new perspective that goes beyond the political dimension of how to successfully deal with rising populism and the connected risks. Following their analyses, Stefan Hofrichter (Head of Global Economics & Strategy AllianzGI) will provide an outlook on the possible implications of current political developments on growth and global capital market risks.

Discussion with the audience is planned and all participants are kindly invited to join the discussants for a networking lunch kindly sponsored by AllianzGI.

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Posted on the 21st April 2017
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