Funding increased for Archive Research Bursaries

A limited number of Bursaries are available each year for international researchers engaged in full-time academic pursuits. The Bursaries are available for research projects which will involve substantial use of the collections of The Rothschild Archive in London and those deposited with the Archives Nationales du Monde du Travail in Roubaix in France.

The Bursaries are not intended to cover the full cost of any period of research in the Archive, but are designed to provide practical assistance with travel, accommodation or incidental costs associated with such work. Bursaries may be granted up to a maximum of £3,000 per applicant. Successful applicants will be required to write a short report for The Rothschild Archive on the research activities the bursary helped to fund. Applications may be submitted at any time. Find out more about The Archive Research Bursary here »

Posted on the 13th July 2017
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