EABH working papers series: latest publication: eabh paper 2020/04

The eabh (European Association for Banking History) Working Papers Series (eabh Papers), launched in 2014, gives scholars in banking, financial, business, and economic history and related fields the opportunity to distribute their research-in-progress. 

The eabh announce publication of eabh paper 2020/04

Reinventing institutions: Trust offices and the Dutch financial system, 1690s–2000s

Abe de Jong, Joost Jonker, Ailsa Röell and Gerarda Westerhuis

Trust offices (administratiekantoren) that repackage securities have been a central institution in Dutch finance since the late eighteenth century. Analyzing how they evolved over more than two centuries, adapting to suit new needs in a continuous interaction between investors, business corporations and the financial system, the authors demonstrate the importance of adaptation of formal institutions. 

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Posted on the 19th November 2020
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