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Sources for business history: plans of New Court

Sources for art history: Catalogue of the pictures of Alfred de Rothschild 1901

Sources for yachting history: Plans for Nathaniel von Rothschild's yacht Veglia 1905

Sources for natural history: Walter 2nd Lord Rothschild and his zebra carriage: c.1910

Sources for global financial history: Map of lines of the Brazil Railway Company: c.1920

Sources for business history: index cards to bank files

Sources for social history: Rothschild Hospital Paris: 1920s

Sources for business history: detail of a Rothschild bond coupon

Sources for architectural history: Halton House: 1890s

Sources for the history of travel: Lionel de Rothschild's tours of Spain: 1909

Sources for local history: Tring Park: c.1900

Sources for Royal history: shooting party with Edward Prince of Wales: 1893

Sources for political history: Lionel de Rothschild: first Jewish MP: 1858

Sources for sporting history: St Amant winner of the Derby: 1904

Sources for local history: gardeners at Aston Clinton: 1899

Sources for Rothschild family history: Lionel de Rothschild's yacht Rhodora: 1927

Sources for London history: entrance to New Court: 1965

Sources for design history: plans for Lionel de Rothschild's Rolls-Royce: 1930

Sources for business history: Rothschild gold bars produced by the Royal Mint Refinery: 1930s

Sources for business history: letters of August Belmont Rothschild Agent in New York: 1860s

Latest news from The Rothschild Archive

Archivist’s Choice: Archivist’s Choice: Living for art – Charlotte de Rothschild and the Trachel and Rothschild collections in Nice

Visitors to Nice during the next five months will have the chance to learn more about Charlotte de Rothschild (1825-1899), a patron of the arts who was herself an accomplished artist. Vivre pour l’art: les collection Trachel et Rothschild à Nice opens at the Musée de Beaux-Arts in Nice on 25 November. Find out more about the exhibtion.

Posted on the 30th November 2023  | Read more…

Archivist’s Choice: Nathaniel von Rothschild and the First Vienna Football Club, 1894

As the Women’s World Cup draws to a close, this month’s Archivist’s Choice focuses on a football club that owes it origins to the Rothschild family: the First Vienna Football Club 1894.

Posted on the 6th September 2023  | Read more…

Archivist’s Choice: 200 years of Rothschild business with Portugal and the ‘Wedding Cake’ at Waddesdon Manor

In the year commemorating the 650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, we take the opportunity to reflect on 200 years of Rothschild business with Portugal, and explore a stunning new art commission by a Portuguese artist opening this summer at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, England.

Posted on the 11th July 2023  | Read more…

Archivist’s Choice: The coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla: the Royal Family, Rothschild gifts and Fabergé

This month we celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. In celebration of this once-in-a-lifetime historic event, we look back at the relationship between the Rothschilds and the royal family.

Posted on the 9th May 2023  | Read more…

Archivist’s Choice: Banker and philanthropist: A portrait of Anthony de Rothschild

The Rothschild Archive is pleased to announce the publication of a new book about a prominent member of the English Rothschild banking family. A new biography of Anthony de Rothschild (1887-1961), senior partner of N M Rothschild & Sons during the middle of the twentieth century, was launched in London in early December. The Rothschild Archive was commissioned to oversee the project with the generous support of Rothschild & Co. 

Posted on the 15th December 2022  | Read more…

Archivist’s Choice: exhibition 'Collectionneuses Rothschild: Mécènes et donatrices d'exception', La Boverie museum, Liège

This November, we are pleased to launch the first in our new regular series of articles, 'Archivist's Choice' where a member of the Archive team chooses a document, artefact, or event and explores its significance and story.

Archivist’s Choice: exhibition 'Collectionneuses Rothschild: Mécènes et donatrices d'exception', La Boverie museum, Liège.

Posted on the 21st November 2022  | Read more…

EABH Conference: Financing Reconstruction: how can historical insight help? Call for papers

30 June 2023, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Financing Reconstruction: How can historical insight help?

A financial history conference organised by the eabh (The European Association for Banking and Financial History e.V.) in cooperation with Deutsche Bank.

Posted on the 10th November 2022  | Read more…

Treasure of the Month for July 2022

As many of us look forward to our summer holidays we delve into the history of travel through an item in the Archive collection: a passport belonging to Charlotte, Baroness Lionel de Rothschild.

Posted on the 1st July 2022  | Read more…

EABH Conference: Monetary Unions in History, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1 July 2022: Registration open

Registration is now open for the eabh conference Monetary Unions in History, 1 July 2022, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The conference is jointly organised by The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) and eabh (The European Association for Banking and Financial History).

Posted on the 20th June 2022  | Read more…

Treasure of the Month for June 2022

As the United Kingdom looks forward to Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we explore how a previous royal jubilee was celebrated by members of the Rothschild family in 1897.

Posted on the 31st May 2022  | Read more…