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Sources for business history: catalogues of bank files

Sources for art history: Catalogue of the pictures of Alfred de Rothschild 1901

Sources for yachting history: Plans for Nathaniel von Rothschild's yacht Veglia 1905

Sources for natural history: Walter 2nd Lord Rothschild and his zebra carriage: c.1910

Sources for global financial history: Map of lines of the Brazil Railway Company: c.1920

Sources for business history: index cards to bank files

Sources for social history: Rothschild Hospital Paris: 1920s

Sources for business history: detail of a Rothschild bond coupon

Sources for architectural history: Halton House: 1890s

Sources for the history of travel: Lionel de Rothschild's tours of Spain: 1909

Sources for local history: Tring Park: c.1900

Sources for Royal history: shooting party with Edward Prince of Wales: 1893

Sources for political history: Lionel de Rothschild: first Jewish MP: 1858

Sources for sporting history: St Amant winner of the Derby: 1904

Sources for local history: gardeners at Aston Clinton: 1899

Sources for Rothschild family history: Lionel de Rothschild's yacht Rhodora: 1927

Sources for London history: entrance to New Court: 1965

Sources for design history: plans for Lionel de Rothschild's Rolls-Royce: 1930

Sources for business history: Rothschild gold bars produced by the Royal Mint Refinery: 1930s

Sources for business history: letters of August Belmont Rothschild Agent in New York: 1860s

Latest news from The Rothschild Archive

Treasure of the Month for June 2018

One hundred and fifty years ago this June, an event took place at the Buckinghamshire estate of Anthony de Rothschild, a bold experiment in rural community regenerationcelebrating traditional artisan crafts and local industry. Read more about the Halton and Aston Clinton Industrial Exhibition of 1868. 


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Treasure of the Month for May 2018

As sunnier weather approaches, we explore a former Rothschild property in west London which has recently undergone a major restoration project and plans to open its doors once again this summer. In 1835, Gunnersbury Park was purchased by Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) as his country estate. The original sales particulars which survive in the Archive describe in detail the handsome property that Nathan acquired. Gunnersbury Park became much loved by the family, and was to remain in Rothschild ownership for nearly a hundred years. 

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Treasure of the Month for April 2018

Through their philanthropy and patronage, the Rothschild family supported many causes. These included social enterprises such as schools, hospitals and other charities, but their interests were broad ranging, and they gave their support to the great heroic endeavours of their time. In November 1914, Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild (1862-1937) received this heartfelt thank-you letter from the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922).

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Treasure of the Month for March 2018

Subscription ledger for the Prussian loan, 1818: The Rothschild Archive holds the evidence of a banking history dating from the early 19th century, documenting the innovations and evolution of the business of international finance. March 2018 marks 200 years since the House of Rothschild issued the Prussian loan of 1818, business considered a watershed in the history of the European capital market.

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EABH announces New Scholars Fast-Track Workshop: 13 June 2018, Torino

The Financial History Review invites submissions of research papers from advanced PhD students and recent postdoctoral researchers (with less than five years from completing their PhD) in banking, financial and monetary history for a New Scholars Fast-Track Workshop, 13 June 2018, Torino, Italy.

Posted on the 2nd February 2018  | Read more…

Treasure of the Month for February 2018

By 1821, the Rothschilds had established their banking houses in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna and Naples. It was crucial that the family should have a representative in each of the places where they were doing business,  and the Rothschilds established a network of agencies, carefully chosen from among their family, friends and intimates. This gave the Rothschilds access to the most up-to-date business, political and social intelligence. One hundred and seventy years ago this February, Mr Benjamin Davidson arrived in Valparaíso, Chile, en route to San Francisco, presenting a ‘Letter of Introduction’ from the London Rothschild bank.

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Treasure of the Month for January 2018

The Rothschild Archive is not just about paper. We hold thousands of photographs, ranging from formal images created by the business to intimate family snapshots. January's treasure is a photograph from a large family collection recently deposited with the Archive. Cataloguing and sorting this collection presented us with some challenges, and this month we ponder some thought-provoking issues about how we preserve memories and history.

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Treasure of the Month for December 2017

From their earliest days, global trade in goods and commodities from one part of the world to another was part of the daily life of the Rothschild businesses. As we approach the festive season with its vibrant colours and rich tastes, we reflect on the trade in exotic spices, dyes and textiles 200 years ago, with a price list of East India Company goods from 1815.

Posted on the 1st December 2017  | Read more…

EABH Annual Meeting 2018: The Social Aims of Finance

The eabh (The European Association for Banking and Financial History) 2018 Annual Meeting will be held in Turin on 14 and 15 June 2018. The event will be hosted in cooperation Fondazione 1563 per l'Arte e la Cultura della Compagnia di San Paolo.

The conference topic is: Social aims of finance: exploring alternative business forms for durable and financial services. This conference will explore how financial institutions have tackled it by developing alternative goals and business forms for durable financial services. The archival workshop topic is  'Good' archives. This workshop is designed for financial institutions' archivists, researchers and potential users and will reflect on the legacy of the social purposes that inspired the origins of many financial institutions and the role banks and finance played in society. 

Posted on the 29th November 2017  | Read more…

Treasure of the Month for November 2017

November 2017 is the centenary year of the passing of Major Evelyn Achille de Rothschild.  The second of three sons of Leopold (1845-1917) and Marie (1862-1937), Evelyn served in the Bucks Yeomanry. He was mobilised with his regiment on the outbreak of the First World War, served in Egypt and Gallipoli, and later fought and fell in the charge on El Mughar in November 1917.

Posted on the 1st November 2017  | Read more…