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Sources for business history

Sources for art history: Catalogue of the pictures of Alfred de Rothschild 1901

Sources for yachting history: Plans for Nathaniel von Rothschild's yacht Veglia 1905

Sources for natural history: Walter 2nd Lord Rothschild and his zebra carriage: c.1910

Sources for global financial history: Map of lines of the Brazil Railway Company: c.1920

Sources for business history: index cards to bank files

Sources for social history: Rothschild Hospital Paris: 1920s

Sources for business history: detail of a Rothschild bond coupon

Sources for architectural history: Halton House: 1890s

Sources for the history of travel: Lionel de Rothschild's tours of Spain: 1909

Sources for local history: Tring Park: c.1900

Sources for Royal history: shooting party with Edward Prince of Wales: 1893

Sources for political history: Lionel de Rothschild: first Jewish MP: 1858

Sources for sporting history: St Amant winner of the Derby: 1904

Sources for local history: gardeners at Aston Clinton: 1899

Sources for Rothschild family history: Lionel de Rothschild's yacht Rhodora: 1927

Sources for London history: entrance to New Court: 1965

Sources for design history: plans for Lionel de Rothschild's Rolls-Royce: 1930

Sources for business history: Rothschild gold bars produced by the Royal Mint Refinery: 1930s

Sources for business history: letters of August Belmont Rothschild Agent in New York: 1860s

Business records of N M Rothschild & Sons, London

The Rothschild Archive is much more than a single assemblage of material. It is a collection of collections, each reflecting the business and personal interests of the Rothschild family across Europe.

Business records of N M Rothschild & Sons, London 

The business records of the London firm, N M Rothschild & Sons, form the core of the archive collection held by The Rothschild Archive, London. The collection includes papers from the main historical departments of the London business, for example papers concerning the Rothschild Partnership, the early Manchester business of Nathan Mayer Rothschild c.1800-1881, early business in London, c.1809-c.1820, Accounts Current, the 'American' Department, the Bookkeepers Department, the Bullion Department, the Royal Mint Refinery, the Cashiers Department, the Correspondence Department, the Estates Department, Loans business, New Court, the Partners' Room, Private clients, the Secretary's Department, the Staff Department and other sundry departments.

Papers of the Correspondence Department include correspondence with Rothschild agents worldwide. This global network enabled the Rothschilds to profit from the most up-to-date business and political information, and social news. The agents operated in a semi-independent role, acting on behalf of the Rothschilds in securing local business deals, and reporting on markets and prospects. The Correspondence Department also includes important series of letters between the Rothschild businesses, and series of special subject correspondence concerning loans and other business matters.

Business records of the other Rothschild houses 

The collection of the London business also includes records of the other business houses, reflecting the activities of the other Rothschild banks through many series of correspondence and accounts that circulated between them. Some documents relating to the liquidation of the Frankfurt house, and documentation relating to the Rothschild family trust in Frankfurt were sent to London in 1901, and remain in the archives of the London house. Some correspondence from C M de Rothschild & Figli to the London bank survives in the records of the London house. The Archive in London also holds a small but significant collection of papers of the Viennese Bank which were seized during the war and later restituted to the Rothschild family.

Access to records of the London banking house

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N M Rothschild & Sons account ledgers

N M Rothschild & Sons account ledgers

Strong room

Strong room