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Rothschild Fauna: 'Rothschildi'

Wherever you are in the world, it would seem, you’re never far from a ‘rothschildi’.

Rothschildi round the world

At first glance, species such as the Magnificent Frigate Bird and the Broad-striped Marsupial Mouse would appear unconnected. But they do share a common element through their technical (taxonomic) Latin names. They are both examples of ‘rothschildi’. They are not alone. 

Responsible for much of this outbreak of ‘rothschildi’ across the animal kingdom was (Lionel) Walter, 2nd Lord Rothschild (1868-1937). As a child he surrounded himself with exotic animals. The gardens of the family home at Tring in Hertfordshire were populated by giant tortoises, lizards and wandering cassowaries. For a coming-of-age present, Walter was given by his father the answer to a long-held dream: a Museum in the back garden, where for nearly fifty years, he gathered together specimens of as many of the world’s species as he could find. This was more than a hobby; Walter was a serious researcher. Assisted by his two colleagues in the Museum, Ernst Hartert and Karl Jordan, Walter studied his collection minutely, publishing 42 volumes of a highly respected journal, Novitates Zoologicae, and between them describing, in some 1,200 scientific papers, some 5,000 hitherto unidentified species. It was for this great contribution to the study of natural history that Walter was so many times honoured by the application of the name Rothschild to identify particular sub-species newly discovered by the scientific world. Miriam Rothschild (1908-2005), Walter’s niece, identified well over 250 such names, including 58 birds, 153 insects, three spiders and a millipede.

In France, in 1904-1905 Maurice de Rothschild (1881-1957), explored Ethiopia and East Africa, leading to the publication of a detailed atlas and listing of the spiders and insects of the region and his scientific papers included detailed works on the sub-species of giraffes and okapis.  Many of the world’s ‘rothschildi’ are of Maurice’s making.

Selected list of 'Rothschildi' 

Achias rothschildi A Papua New Guinean stalk-eyed fly, with the widest head of any insect
Agrias beata beata rothschildi A butterfly from Peru
Amazona barbadensis rothschildi Rothschild’s Amazon, a parrot from the Caribbean and Northern S. America
Ancistrus Rothschild A catfish
Astrapia rothschildi The Huon Astrapia, a bird of paradise
Buteo buteo rothschildi A buzzard from the Azores
Cassida rothschildi A tortoise beetle from northern and eastern Africa
Celerio euphorbiae rothschildi A hawk moth
Chalcophoropsis rothschildi A beetle from Madagascar
Charmosyna p. rothschildii Rothschild’s Fairy Lorikeet
Chiridopsis rothschildi A beetle from East Africa
Closterus rothschildi A beetle from Madagascar
Coendou rothschildi Rothschild’s Porcupine, from Central America
Colletes rothschildi A bee from Africa
Cypseloides rothschildi Rothschild’s Swift
Delias rothschildi A butterfly from Buru, Indonesia
Eos bornea rothsschildi Rothschild’s Red Lory
Eriocnemis  evelinae The Glowing Puffleg
Fregata magnificens rothschildi The Magnificent Frigatebird
Giraffa cameleopardalis rothschildi Rothschild’s Giraffe, from Central Africa
Gygis alba rothschildi The White Tern, from the tropical Pacific, Indian and S .Atlantic Oceans 
Heliangelus rothschildi The Rothschild Sunangel, a hummingbird
Ictonyx rothschildi Striped weasel from North Africa
Isospora rothschildi An oocyst hosted by Leucospar rothschildi
Ixodes rothschildi A tick from Australia
Lampribis olivacea rothschildi An extinct ibis from Equatorial Africa
Lampropepla rothschildi A jewel beetle from Madagascar
Leucopsar rothschildii The Bali Mynah or Bali White Starling
Mallomys rothschildi  Rothschild’s Woolly Rat, or the Giant New Guinean Rat from Irian Jaya and New Guinea, Indonesia
Murexia rothschildi The Broad-Striped Marsupial Mouse, from Australia
Myospalax rothschildi Rothschild’s Zokor, from Kansu, China
Odocoileus virginianus rothschildi The Coiba Island White-Tailed Deer, from Panama
Ornithoptera rothschildi A bird-wing butterfly from Indonesia
Petrogale rothschildi A rock wallaby from Western Australia
Phaeton rubricauda rothschildi The Red-Tailed Tropicbird, from the tropical and sub-Tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans
Phalanger rothschildi The Rothschild’s or Obi Cuscus, a marsupial from the Obi and Bisa Islands of Indonesia
Phasianus colchicus rothschildi  Rothschild’s pheasant from eastern Asia
Phrynarachne rothschildi  Bird’s dung’ spider from Sri Lanka
Poecilictus rothschildi Striped weasel from North Africa
Prepona rothschildi A butterfly from Venezuela
Pyrenestes ostrinus rothschildi The Black-Bellied See-cracker from Central Africa
Rhea rothschildi A rhea from S. America
Schoenbergia rothschildi A bird-wing butterfly from Irian Jaya, named after Walter who financed expeditions
Serinus rothschildi The Arabian Serin, from Saudi Arabia
Tetramorium rothschildi An ant from Ethiopia and Central Africa
Triflyphothax rothschildi A beetle, identical with Tetramonium r. 
Trigonophorus rothschildi A scarab beetle from Taiwan
Xylophanes rothschildi bilineata A hawk moth from Ecuador
Colour plate image of a giraffe from Maurice de Rothschild and Henri Neuville's 'Recherches sur l'okapi et les girafes de l'est africain' 1910-1911.

Colour plate image of a giraffe from Maurice de Rothschild and Henri Neuville's 'Recherches sur l'okapi et les girafes de l'est africain' 1910-1911.

Tree Kangaroo - Dendrolagus Inustus Inustus (Type of D. Maximus Rothschild)

Tree Kangaroo - Dendrolagus Inustus Inustus (Type of D. Maximus Rothschild)